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Changing Behaviors, Improving Lives.

As behavioral health and behavior change experts, LifeSynch® optimizes overall well-being, personal and workplace productivity and utilization of health resources. For nearly 25 years, we have delivered positive outcomes for employers and health plans while enhancing our members' quality of life.
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"My LifeSynch Advocate's concern and professional positive attitude made me want to get better for myself and my family."

LifeSynch program participant

Behavior Change Coaching

Our behavior change coaching programs utilize behavior change approaches that enable participants to achieve their goals for living a healthier lifestyle.

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"Quitting smoking for me was tough. I don't think I could have made it without Ramona."

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73% said their wellness program had positively influenced their choice of a healthy lifestyle. See note 3 below.

EAP/Work-Life Services

LifeSynch offers comprehensive Employee Assistance and Work-Life services and resources designed to help employees cope with their concerns so they can be more focused at work.

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"I was stressed and stretched to the limit caring for my mom. The EAP worked with me to set boundaries and become more assertive when handling my mom's demands. I now have a successful relationship with my mother."

EAP/Work-Life Participant

71% report having improved focus and productivity at work after using EAP/Work-Life services. See note 2 below.

Hospital Wellness Solutions

We understand the unique needs of hospitals and their employees. Find out how we can help with our custom wellness solutions and resources.

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"My Health Coach's mentoring has helped me lose 18 pounds so far, which I would have never been able to do on my own."

Wellness participant

80% were making progress toward their weight management goal. See note 1 below.

Our Products

Behavior Change Coaching

Oftentimes, people know what they should be doing for their own well-being but lack the motivation and accountability they need to accomplish their goal. Behavior Change Coaching provides that support through expertise and proven methodologies to guide members to achieve their best health.

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Behavioral Healthcare

LifeSynch leverages behavioral health expertise to control healthcare costs and improve participant outcomes.

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Employee Assistance Program (EAP)/Work-Life

LifeSynch's EAP/Work-Life programs offer confidential, professional assistance to address personal issues that may impact job performance so that employees can be more focused and productive at work.

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