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Humana Behavioral Health offers web-based wellness tools, health coaching, and behavioral healthcare. Spacer
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Related Websites

Find links to related health and wellness sites.

Find Websites for the Following Issues:

Websites accessible from may provide information about current medical and/or behavioral health procedures, services, and other treatment and therapies that may not be covered under your health plan. The information on these sites does not necessarily represent the views of Humana Behavioral Health, nor should the information be construed as an endorsement by Humana Behavioral Health.

The information on these Websites is not a substitute for professional health care. For personal medical and behavioral health guidance, please consult your practitioner. If you have questions about your health plan benefits, please call Customer Service at the number found on your member ID card.

Addiction and Recovery

  • Alcoholics Anonymous
    Nationwide directory of contacts with links to local meeting information, central offices, groups, and answering services for the U.S. and Canada.
  • Compulsive Gambling
    Home of the 12-step recovery program. Contains information, resources, lists of other self-help groups, and a 20-question quiz to help individuals decide whether they have a compulsive gambling problem. Links are maintained by individual members, local organizations and other interested parties.
  • Eating Disorder
    Website of the largest non-profit organization devoted to the awareness and prevention of eating disorders. Organization sponsors a media watchdog program, a healthy body image curriculum for elementary and high school girls, and a toll-free referral hot line.

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  • Adolescent Health
    Teen friendly site concerning teen health issues. Sample topics include: shaving techniques, puberty, relationships, braces, sexually transmitted diseases and birth control.
  • Children’s Health
    Entertaining and informative kid friendly site. Sample topics include: dealing with feelings, everyday illness, injuries, and FAQs.
  • Parenting
    Site is home to National Public Radio's weekly hour-long program, "The Parent's Journal.”

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Emotional Well-Being

  • Depression
    Site of the National Mental Health Association. Topics include: symptoms, treatment options, paying for mental health treatment. Confidential depression-screening test.
  • Grief
    The American Hospice Foundation has developed materials for dealing with grief at work and school. The site includes hospice information, links to member hospice programs, publications on grief and faith, manuals, and slides for Power Point presentations.

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