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Learn about Your Member Rights and Guidelines

Read more about your member rights, privacy and the process for appeals and complaints.

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Learn more about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and how to access the HIPAA patient consent to release information form.

Member Resources

Member Rights and Responsibilities

Includes a brief description of the various individual rights and the appropriate process for invoking one of these rights.

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Member Appeals

Process for initiating an appeal, including a description of the availability of an independent external appeal of a utilization management decision made by Humana Behavioral Health.

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Member Complaints

Describes the process for a member to initiate a complaint about services or providers.

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Humana Behavioral Health's clinical practice guidelines help you understand treatment options for common behavioral health conditions.

Policy Prohibiting Financial Incentives

Review Humana Behavioral Health's utilization management guidelines which prohibit financial incentives for care decisions.

Member Information Request
Complete our request form to receive a follow-up from a representative about our behavioral health program and services.
Commitment to Quality

Quality service and patient safety are the driving force behind everything we do.


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