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Humana Behavioral Health offers web-based wellness tools, health coaching, and behavioral healthcare. Spacer

Apply as an Individual Provider

Humana Behavioral Health routinely assesses its network needs. Beginning Oct. 1, 2015, except in select states*, Humana Behavioral Health will only accept applications from behavioral health providers during the following two open enrollment periods:

March 1 through March 31 (spring enrollment)
Sept. 1 through Sept. 30 (fall enrollment)

Due to network adequacy needs, applications from physicians and prescription-writing registered nurses will continue to be accepted year-round. Humana Behavioral Health also may selectively offer enrollment opportunities to specific types of behavioral health providers as required for network adequacy. Established groups will continue to work directly with their assigned contractors and submit requests to them.

* States where behavioral health providers may submit applications at any time are Arizona, Florida (advanced registered nurse practitioners only), Georgia, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Montana, New Mexico, Vermont, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Apply to become part of the Humana Behavioral Health provider team, either as a solo provider or a provider participating in a group.

Please note: If you are practicing in a group (same tax ID number), your group must submit an application or have one on file.

Three-step Process for Applying

Humana Behavioral Health participates in CAQH®'s Universal Credentialing DataSource initiative to facilitate credentialing. Applying for credentials with Humana Behavioral Health is a three-step process:

Step 1: Allow Humana access to your CAQH file.

Step 2: Update your CAQH file.

Step 3: Submit a Provider Information Form.

CAQH certified provider

Council for Affordable Quality Health Care (CAQH) Application Process

Once you have completed steps 1 and 2, download and complete the Provider Interest Form. Email your completed interest form to

Our intent is to keep this process as streamlined and paperless as possible.

However, you are not finished when you submit your information. Until you receive a countersigned contract with an effective date determined solely by Humana Behavioral Health, you are considered to be out-of-network, and your claims will be processed as such prior to your Humana Behavioral Health established effective date. Any additions to an existing contracted group would still require an effective date established by Humana Behavioral Health. Retroactive effective dates will not be approved.

Please note: To be considered for inclusion into Humana Behavioral Health, a completed CAQH application is a requirement.


Contact Provider Services at 1-800-890-8288 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Central Time, Monday through Friday.

You will be contacted by a Humana Behavioral Health representative to confirm receipt of your application and to begin the contracting process. If you don’t receive notification within 15 business days, please re-contact Provider Services at 1-800-890-8288.

For Missouri providers, we will review your information and make a decision to approve or deny your completed credentialing application within 60 business days of the date we receive it. For all others, we will require up to 120 business days for processing. In any event, we will send you a letter notifying you of our determination.

Where permitted by state law, Humana Behavioral Health is currently assessing its network and is recruiting shortage specialties while other specialties are being evaluated for necessity.

Commitment to Quality

Quality service and patient safety are the driving force behind everything we do.


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