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Get the Provider Resources You Need in One Location

Welcome to the Provider Support section of the LifeSynch® Website. For additional information specific to your practice, log into the Provider Portal.

A LifeSynch associate available to help providers

Provider Contacts

Review our quick contact list for frequent provider transactions with LifeSynch.

Provider reviewing claims

Claims, Eligibility and Authorization

Get information on these three critical processes.

Providers with Questions


Find answers to questions concerning LifeSynch providers and processes.

Provider with credentials


Obtain information about the recredentialing process occurring every three years for LifeSynch providers.

Explore  the Provider Self-Service Portal

Explore the Provider Portal

LifeSynch provider offices can gain administrative efficiencies by accessing patients' information online and eliminating much of the traditional paper, phone, and fax work.

Commitment to Quality

Quality service and patient safety are the driving force behind everything we do.


Printable Health Insurance Page From Humana