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Provider Newsletter

Read the Provider Navigator newsletter for the latest provider news and information from Humana Behavioral Health.

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(Note: We operate as Humana Behavioral Health Administrators in California and provide a separate version for providers there.)

Navigator (First Edition, 2015)

General Version (For All States Except CA)
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California Version
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In this Edition:

  • Enhanced for Authorization Requests
  • Timely Claims Processing Relies on Accurate Information
  • Humana Behavioral Health and Practitioners Work Together for Access to Care
  • Online Self-management Tools Available for Members
  • Save Time and Streamline Processes with EFT
  • CCM Team Supports High-risk Members
  • Humana Behavioral Health Reorganizes Behavioral Health Clinical Operations
  • Humana Behavioral Health Adopts New Clinical Practice Guideline to Improve Health Outcomes
  • Coordination of Care Benefits Members and Health Care Providers
  • Quality Improvement Program Team Reviews 2014, Sets Goals for 2015
  • Behavioral Health Screening Programs Identify Potential Risks
  • Learn More about the Importance of HEDIS Measures
  • 2015 Practitioner and Member Satisfaction Surveys Continue To Demonstrate Improvement
  • Practitioners Can Help Verify Information
  • Quality Improvement Activities Focus on Members and Practitioners
  • Culturally Sensitive and Considerate Member Treatment Emphasized
  • Visit Us on the Web for Provider Information
Provider Newsletter

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