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Humana Behavioral Health offers web-based wellness tools, health coaching, and behavioral healthcare. Spacer
Providers with questions

Provider Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At Humana Behavioral Health, we're dedicated to providing perfect service. If you have a question about claims, benefits, or resources for Humana Behavioral Health members, feel free to call us. See below for contact information.


  • Where do I submit claims?

    Outpatient Claims (Humana and EAP):

    • Online. Sign in or register for the Humana Behavioral Health Provider Portal.
    • Fax: 1-866-331-5673
    • Mail:
      Humana Behavioral Health
      2101 W. John Carpenter Freeway
      Suite 100
      Irving, TX 75063

    Humana Claims:

    • Online. Sign in or register for the Humana Behavioral Health Provider Portal.
    • Mail:
      PO Box 14601
      Lexington, KY 40202
  • Does Humana Behavioral Health offer electronic billing?

    The Humana Behavioral Health Provider Portal allows network providers to submit claims online via an electronic HCFA form. Sign in or register for the Humana Behavioral Health Provider Portal.

  • Where is Humana Behavioral Health located?

    National Corporate Office
    Humana Behavioral Health
    2101 W. John Carpenter Freeway
    Irving, TX 75063

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Clinical Policies

How do I obtain authorization?

For Initial Outpatient Authorizations

  • Online. Sign in or register for the Humana Behavioral Health Provider Portal.
  • Phone: Call the number on the back of the patient’s ID card to speak to the Clinical Department
How many outpatient visits will you authorize at a time?

Initial Outpatient Visits

Humana Behavioral Health authorizes up to 20 visits for the initial outpatient behavioral health treatment, depending on the member’s benefit structure. If further sessions are required, additional sessions can be authorized based on clinical information submitted by the provider and medical necessity.

How many EAP visits does a member qualify for?

The number of EAP visits depends on the member’s particular contract/plan.

How much paper work is involved to obtain the concurrent authorizations?

Humana Behavioral Health's concurrent authorization procedures are designed to simplify the certification process. For continued outpatient behavioral health services, provide clinical rationale on the one-page Concurrent Outpatient Clinical Review Form and fax to 1-800-807-1898.

Download Concurrent Outpatient Clinical Review Form
Concurrent Outpatient Clinical Review Form for All Providers (Except CA)
(37 KB) Download PDF
Concurrent Outpatient Clinical Review Form for California Providers
(37 KB) Download PDF
How can I get more referrals?

If you are interested in receiving more referrals, please contact Provider Relations
at 1-800-890-8288. To ensure timely referrals, please check the accuracy of your online Provider Lookup listing.

You may e-mail corrections to or submit them online, if you are a registered user, via the Humana Behavioral Health Provider Self-Service Portal. Log in or register for the Humana Behavioral Health Provider Self-Service Portal.

Where do I send clinical forms?

All Except Arkansas:

Fax to the Clinical Department at 1-800-807-1898


Fax to the Clinical Department at 1-501-217-8075

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Credentialing/Contracting/Provider Services

  • How do I go about joining Humana Behavioral Health's network?

    Candidates may apply via CAQH or by downloading and completing an application available on our site. To learn more, go to How to Apply.

  • What are the available contract fees and how do you arrive at them?

    Humana Behavioral Health fees are based on market-rate conditions, as determined by our surveys, and competetive market data. Input from providers is also considered and valued. A fee schedule accompanies the provider application.

  • How many lives do you manage in my area?

    Humana Behavioral Health is constantly growing its business nationally. If you are receiving a new application, there is a good chance that Humana Behavioral Health is developing the network in your area. If you want to know more about Humana Behavioral Health, call Provider Services at 1-800-890-8288, Option 2, or e-mail us at

  • How do I check the status of my credentialing or recredentialing application?

    You may check the status of your credentialing or recredentialing application by contacting a Provider Services Representative at 1-800-890-8288.

  • How can I become a network provider for Medicare Advantage members?

    Humana Behavioral Health contracted providers, who are Medicare eligible, can join the Medicare Advantage network by adding an amendment to their existing contract. Please contact the Provider Services Department at 1-800-890-8288 to obtain a copy of the required amendment.

  • What is a provider forum?

    Periodically, Humana Behavioral Health hosts provider forums offering you a chance to talk with Humana Behavioral Health representatives and to learn about ways to enhance your practice and patient relationships. Topics covered include: claims/billing issues, authorization processes, quality improvement, standards with coordination of care and more.

  • What is the Humana Behavioral Health Provider Portal?

    The Humana Behavioral Health Provider Portal gives you access to a confidential, online database that is available 24 hours a day. Access to the Provider Portal requires a quick and easy registration and allows you to:

    • Submit claims electronically
    • Make demographic changes
    • View authorizations
    • Check the status of a claim
    • Look up member information and benefits
    • E-mail inquiries directly to our Customer Service or Provider Relations staff
    • Obtain an initial outpatient authorization

    Register for the portal by calling Provider Services at 1-800-890-8288.

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Member Benefits/Eligibility

  • Who are the payors for Humana Behavioral Health?

    Humana Behavioral Health's payors include insurance companies, employers, and government agencies. Humana Behavioral Health manages behavioral health benefits, employee assistance programs (EAP), wellness, integrated medical-behavioral health services and other health and wellness programs. If you are a Humana Behavioral Health provider, you may be eligible to serve any of these payors and programs. Contracts vary from community to community, but our Provider Relations Department can provide you with the specifics for your area.

  • How do I confirm eligibility and benefits for a Humana Behavioral Health member?

    To learn more about member benefits, call the Humana Behavioral Health Helpline at 1-800-777-6330 or the number on the member’s ID card.

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