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Humana Behavioral Health offers web-based wellness tools, health coaching, and behavioral healthcare. Spacer
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Corporate Office Address and Headquarters

Humana Behavioral Health
2101 W. John Carpenter Freeway
Irving, TX 75063

General Questions:
Phone: 1-800-207-5101
Fax: 1-866-771-0574

Other Contact Information for:

Member Contacts

Humana Behavioral Health customer service representatives provide live voice response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays, 365 days a year.

Emergency Situations

If you or a covered family member are in a life-threatening situation, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital. The hospital will contact us through the 800 number on your benefit card, and a licensed professional Humana Behavioral Health staff member will assist you. In consultation with hospital staff, the Humana Behavioral Health care manager will authorize the appropriate level of care. Depending on your benefit plan, it may be necessary for you to be transferred to a facility that is participating in Humana Behavioral Health's network.

Questions About Benefits, Claims, Appeals, Eligibility, Utilization Management or Other Questions

Call the toll-free number on your insurance or member card or call 1- 800-777-6330, if you do not have your card.

If it is necessary for you to talk with a licensed clinician, the customer service representative will transfer your call to a clinical care manager. This professional will conduct a telephone assessment and provide you with recommendations regarding treatment options.


Humana Privacy Office at 1-800-777-6330.

Quality Improvement Program (QI)

For more information about Humana Behavioral Health’s QI program, call 1-866-270-4223 or e-mail

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Provider Contacts

Claims Services and Appeals

Phone: 1-800-777-6330.

Note: Network providers may check claims, eligibility and authorizations online. Sign in or register for the Humana Behavioral Health Provider Portal.

Utilization Management

Please feel free to call us at the number on the back of the member's card or at 1-800-777-6330.

Provider Relations (for Status of Provider Applications and Recredentialing)

Phone: 1-800-890-8288
Note: Your message will be sent using standard unsecured e-mail. Please do not send confidential patient, provider, or business information via e-mail.

Provider Address Listing Updates

Send e-mail corrections to or download form below.

For All Providers (except CA)
( 66 KB) Download Address Update Form PDF
For CA Providers
( 66 KB) Download Address Update Form PDF
Printable Health Insurance Page From Humana